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A Challenging and FUN filled FREE endless runner adventure game with hordes of zombies, rockets and much more..

Fly through obstacles and save the innocent birds from the zombie apocalypse in quest to find a new home for them.

Do you dare to become "The Legendary Hero"" who can save them all. 

- Unique swipe through game mechanic. 
- Challenging levels with unique obstacles.
- Awesome characters to rescue and play with.
- Customize your character and use upgrades to win.
- Unlock the story of their escape from the zombie apocalypse.

Hurry!! Play Brawl Birds and save the birds from being a meal to the zombies. 

Will it be the last days of the birds? You Decide. The power is with you.

Game Play

Introducing a new swipe game play where you can swipe quickly or strategically to avoid enemies and obstacles.

On each level you will encounter different obstacles and enemies with different difficulties.

You will have to equip your character with upgrades and accessories to survive longer and achieve that legendary medal that everyone is after.

So what are you waiting for. Download Brawl Birds: Zombie Escape today and experience the adventure yourself. Safe Travels :-)

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